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  • What is the Cultural Navigator?

    The Cultural Navigator is a unique web platform that has been designed to provide a robust learning experience that can be customized based on organizational and/or individual needs. The Cultural Navigator delivers an engaging and powerful learning experience through an innovative platform that leverages the diversity of stakeholders, partners and employees for maximum performance.

  • Which learning topics are available on the Cultural Navigator?

    Which learning topics are available on the Cultural Navigator?

    A wealth of relevant business information is available, organized around specific topics to support improved work performance and increased confidence when working across cultures. Topics include:

    • Cultural Competence: Reduce the risks and maximize the opportunities inherent in cultural differences, and build the
      skills necessary for cross-cultural success.
    • Diversity and Inclusion: Appreciate the impact of diversity at work and foster an environment that welcomes all
      individual contributions to increase employee engagement and commitment.
    • Virtual and Intact Teaming: Enhance collaboration through awareness building and understanding of one another's
      cultural norms and assumptions in order to effectively work together across an organization's worldwide locations.
    • Relocation and Repatriation: Minimize stress, bridge cultural barriers, and support a seamless transition to help
      international assignees function both efficiently and effectively in the global workplace.
    • Collaborative Learning: Connect easily to local and global colleagues and analyze cultural preferences to improve
      collaboration across geographic and functional boundaries.
  • How can I use the Cultural Navigator?

    The Cultural Navigator provides you with comprehensive cultural and business information designed to increase your competitive advantage in today's global business environment. Using this learning platform, you can:

    • Identify your own cultural preferences to build self-awareness.
    • Compare cultural preferences with country norms and with other colleagues, teams, and functions in your organization.
    • Access an extensive database of country-specific culture and management information.
    • Explore resources and tools through guided Learning Paths that track your progress.
    • Supplement workshops and coaching through online activities that test your knowledge and hone your skills.


  • What are Interests?

    Interests are those topics that are most connected to what the you are hoping to learn on the Cultural Navigator. Interests also can be tied to those challenges that you most often experience in their work environment. The interests offered on the Cultural Navigator connect back to the content and features offered online and help to provide a more targeted experience for each user. Based on the interests that you select, you will be able to access recommended Learning Paths, articles, podcasts, and other activities.



  • How do I add my colleagues to my Network?
    Connect with your colleagues to learn how you can work more effectively together and achieve greater results. By connecting to a colleague on the Cultural Navigator, you will be able to compare your cultural preferences at work, receive recommendations for learning and review your shared business interests. Hide
  • Can I connect with all available Cultural Navigator users or only those from my own organization?
    You can connect only with others in your organization via the search options provided. Hide
  • How do I follow Experts?

    As a Cultural Navigator user, you can access to our subject matter experts around the world. To follow an expert, go to your Network area and select Follow an Expert from the menu on the left. Review the options available to you on the Cultural Navigator and select to follow an expert that shares a common interest. We offer experts on topics such as Cultural Competence, Teams and Inclusion or you can choose to follow our Cultural Navigator expert to receive tips for utilizing the learning platform within your organization.


Learning Paths

  • What are Learning Paths?

    Learning Paths comprise eLearning modules, articles, podcasts and other learning material in a linear series of steps. Through the Learning Paths, you are able to: preview activities review the estimated completion time for each one. The Cultural Navigator has implemented progress tracking, so you may resume a Learning Path from the last completed activity. You also can receive assignments from your organization for Learning Paths connected to upcoming programs or organizational initiatives.

  • How do I access Learning Paths?

    Learning Paths that have been assigned to you or that are in progress can be accessed from your Cultural Navigator home page. You also can access a list of your current and completed Learning Paths.


Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI)

  • What is the Cultural Orientations Indicator®?
    Our cultural assessment, the Cultural Orientations Indicator®, is organized into three dimensions to help you identify your cultural preferences across your Interaction Style, Thinking Style, and Sense of Self. The COI is psychometrically validated for reliable results. Hide
  • What are the new dimensions of the Cultural Orientations Model?

    The new Cultural Orientations Model includes the three dimensions of Interaction Style, Thinking Style and Sense of Self. Interaction style includes those orientations that impact how people tend to communicate and engage with others in work situations. The Thinking Style dimension includes those orientations that impact how people tend to process information in work situations. The Sense of Self dimension includes those orientations that impact how people tend to view identity and motivation in work situations.

  • How many questions are included in the COI?

    The COI includes a total amount of 83 questions.

  • How many languages is the COI Assessment available in?

    Currently, the COI Assessment is available in a total of 11 languages: Chinese, French, German, English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish (Castilian and Latino).

  • How do I take the COI?

    The COI Assessment is taken through a series of linear step (also known as a Learning Path). You are able to take the assessment for each dimension separately, giving you instant access to your results for each dimension. However, the full benefit of the COI is realized when the entire assessment has been completed.

  • Is the COI validated?

    Yes, The Phase III version of the online Cultural Orientations Indicator® meets the validity and reliability requirements established by the Joint Committee on the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of the American Psychological Association for an instrument of its kind. It accurately measures individual cultural preferences as delineated within TMC's Cultural Orientations Model and, when debriefed within the context of TMC/Berlitz developed initiatives, can serve as a useful tool in the identification of cultural differences as a step toward the development of improved cross-cultural effectiveness.


Country Guides

  • What are Country Guides?
    Researched by our Subject Matter Experts, our Country Guides provide an overview of cultural and management practices on over 50 Countries. Each Country Guide features an interactive map, powered by Google, and current time and weather updates for major cities in each country.

  • How do you research and develop the management information and cultural norms for each Country Guide?

    Our research is based off of extensive interviews conducted by our subject matter experts with individuals in the country and those who have had experience working with the country. The information gathered throughout this interview process is then cross-checked with other interviewees to ensure its accuracy before being finalized by TMC's content team. Country reports are updated on a regular basis and when new developments occur.


Other Features

  • What are Topic Areas?

    Topic Areas are categories of content on the Cultural Navigator. Within the platform, there currently are five generic topic areas on Cultural Competence, Teams, International Assignment, Inclusion, and National Cultures, alongside two customized areas specific to each client (Organizational Culture and Programs). The five generic Topic Areas organize content and features available to our users.

  • Where do I go to see a list of all the activities/podcasts/articles/videos?

    All of your learning activities are searchable through your Activities Library. You can access your Activities Library through the Learning area.


Access and Troubleshooting

  • Which browser should I use to access the Cultural Navigator?
    You must have an internet connection and access the Cultural Navigator from one of the internet browsers noted below:
    • Internet Explorer Version 7 and above
    • Chrome (Recommended)
    • Safari
    • FireFox
    Internet Explorer Version 6 and below are not supported on the Cultural Navigator. Hide
  • Is the Cultural Navigator platform optimized for mobile devices?

    Yes, Cultural Navigator has been designed with tablets and smartphones in mind, with each of the user interfaces provided built for access on touch-based devices. Cultural Navigator has also been tested on Apple's iPad and Google's Nexus 7 tablets to ensure a consistent experience. Mobile users will have the same access that they have on their PCs, providing the ability for users to complete the COI or compare with their colleagues directly from their devices.

  • Do I need to download software to access the Cultural Navigator?
    No, special software is not required. You only need an internet connection and one of our supported browsers. Hide

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